The purpose of this web site is to express some of the thoughts, emotion, interests, desires and the angst of a person that grew up in a small country town in Massachusetts. He resided with his wife, both of whom are retired, in the majestic Hudson Valley in the state of New York for about 45 years. We now reside on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. My background is in computer technology while my wife’s is in the mental health field. At times, we feel busier now that we are retired, than when we both were working full time at our individual careers.

Within this web site, you’ll find pages containing some of my writing, which is under the heading of “My Musings”. Under the “Photo Galleries,” you’ll find images that I’ve taken, as I do enjoy photography as an art form. Last of all there are “People of Interest,” Those unique individuals that I have been allowed to get close enough to, for this publication.

I hope to keep this web site dynamic, by posting the latest information on the project at hand at the moment. Currently, I’m writing a memoir of a small boy growing up in Sudbury, Massachusetts, yours truly. It’s about his being torn between his biological mother and a happy family life.