T Epilogue


The Barn is lost

Unfortunately, at 1:56 in the morning of April 21, 1966 the barn burned to the ground. Everyone was sound asleep at the time. The fire department woke Romaine, Mum’s daughter, Bucko, Romaine’s husband Arnold or Mum’s son in law, and then went and woke the Hooper’s, Bernice, Apple Pipe or Dr. Hooper and Clark. Clark ran down the hill to save Mum at the house as it was in danger of burning. Romaine and Dave Columbo sat scared, in her house watching the flames reaching well above the tree tops from her house down Concord Road. It was so large that the fire department was only able to keep the Farm house wet and otherwise stand by and watch the rest burn. It is believed the fire was certainly arson, as the Shanty, Garage, Corncrib and the Barn all caught fire at the same time. Who was involved? There’s been some speculation, but nothing has ever been proven. Unfortunately for everyone, during the fire, Mum fell badly and they discovered that some years prior that she had broken her hip.

On April 28, 1966 the Sudbury Citizen ran an article, written my Mum, on the fire. With the help Peg Clark-Walker and the Goodnow Library in Sudbury I have been able to recreate that here. Click here to read it.

After a full life of caring and giving Maude E. Moore, the woman that I was to know as Mum, died at 86 in 1967.