T Index to Tommy Story

Index to Tommy Story

On this page, is the index into into the story of my growing up in Sudbury, Massachusetts. At this point what you’ll be seeing is Revision 2 of the story, dated 6/9/2020. Changes from the last version will have an updated Posted date. With this in mind, gentlemen/gentle-ladies start your engines.

Please be advised that any and all of the following is subject to change at any time. I will try to indicate changes as we go alone.

Posted Description
Dedication6/9/2020This is a dedication to the person that made it possible to become the person that I am today.
Preface6/9/2020Why I’m writing this.
Introduction6/9/2020Every story needs an introduction. This one lays out the concepts of the story.
Two People Meet6/9/2020Here you’ll find background information on my parents and how they met.
Decisions6/9/2020Decisions are made which steer my path to Sudbury.
Early Years6/9/2020The period between my arrival and the start of school.
Elementary School6/9/2020Grades 1 through 6
Jr. High School6/9/2020Grade 7 and 8
High School6/9/2020Grade 9 through 12
Epilogue6/9/2020A wrap-up of the story and what occurred after I left Sudbury.
Afterword6/9/2020A shocking piece of information is divulged.
Appendix6/9/2020A re-built article from the local newspaper “The Sudbury Citizen.”